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Westridge Candles

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Proudly Owned and Operated
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Premium Retail & Wholesale Scented
Candles Created for Specialty Gift Shops
and Finer Boutiques or Your Own Personal Enjoyment
Strathroy, Ontario, Canada
Premium retail and wholesale scented candles.
When selecting wicks there are many variables
to consider and the correct application
is but one of many.
Environment, type and quality of materials,
size of containers, heat retention, attention to
candle maintenance, even room temperature 
affects the length of time and the manner
in which a candle will burn. 
Botton line, when the parameters of candle
making are both understood and met, no candle
of quality will produce inordinate amounts of soot.
To demonstrate, take two candles of the same design and quality, place
one in a cold cellar, the other on top of a mantle under which there's
a roaring fire and almost immediately you'll note a drastic
difference in how your candles burn.

Westridge Candles ~ Burn Sample

At Westridge, while we haven't the ability to control
all factors, most specifically those pertaining to the
environment in which our candles will be utilized,
when selecting wicks for our products, we
recognize and consider all variables.
After years of testing, it is our contention that while the
wick may contribute to or even be the leading culprit
of soot, unless the proper wick is first applied, all
other factors, including trimming a/o types of wax,
whether palm, paraffin or soy, are secondary.
When burning instructions are not observed, candles
can be potentially hazardous to one's health and home.
The Great Debate - Paraffin or Soy?
Carbon buildup, more commonly referred to as 'soot' is a direct result of
incomplete combustion and ALL organic compounds, including both soy and
paraffin will emit some level of 'soot' during the burning process - this is
an indisputable scientific fact and to suggest otherwise, is
not only misleading but unethical.
While all candles produce some level of soot, a sub-standard candle will
produce inordinate amounts of soot and should always be avoided.
The difference between paraffin and soy is that one (paraffin), creates
'black' soot while the other (soy), creates 'white' soot,
oftentimes making it difficult to detect.
In combination with countless other claims, this difference helps support
the 'myth' that soy is a healthy alternative to paraffin.
In effort to dispell several myths and provide accurate information
 to consumers, it is important to understand that candle soot is composed
of elemental carbon particles, the same particles that emit soot from
cooking oils, toasters and other common household sources, all
of which are chemically different than the more harmful soot created
by gasoline, diesel fuel, coal and other similar sources.
Additionally, with over 10 years of research and manufacturing experience,
we have yet to encounter one producer of paraffin candles who
doesn't use high quality food-grade paraffin, the same wax that is
 used to preserve the life of countless fruits and vegetables sold in
supermarkets and more importantly, that 
meets FDA Standards in terms of human consumption and safety!
Again, with the understanding that ALL organic compounds produce some
 level of soot, consumers are in a better position to select high quality
candles when armed with the knowledge that the challenge is to find
products in which these levels (whether emitting black or white soot),
 are at an absolute minimum aka 'virtually soot free'.
Also important to note is the rapidly growing number of soy supporters,
who, with an educated awareness, are recognizing the benefits of paraffin
and are therefore beginning to incorporate paraffin into their soy 'recipes'.
Ultimately, when the 'science' of candle making is respected,
candle enthusiasts can rest assured that whether choosing
paraffin, soy or a combination of both, the real debate should be one of 
preference rather than safety --- an unsubstantiated concern arising from
misinformation often being spread to discredit highly reputable
and educated producers of paraffin-made products.
and never hesitate to ask questions of any candle manufacturer.

We are no longer operating under the name Westridge Candles.
If interested in our latest products and
online ordering, please contact customer service below.

- Contact Customer Service -

Standard label includes a decorative medallion and offers 
a more refined presentation than our former label. 
"One by One" Hang Tie labels available upon special request.
Availability - U.S.A., Canada, European Union.  In accordance with the Terms and Conditions set forth by CCNow, Authorized Online Retailer for The Westridge Candle Company, the prices listed throughout our site are quoted in U.S currency.  Once connected to our shopping cart, buyer has the option of converting pricing displays to reflect regional currencies.   NOTE:  SHOPPING CARTS ARE CURRENTLY DISABLED.
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