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Premium retail and wholesale scented candles.

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Aberdeen's Idlewyld
The always capricious and whimsical ivy is joined together with the spectacular and indisputably exquisite black currant, an extraordinary single note berry with a fragrance that has been highly celebrated by perfumers for centuries. A wonderfully sophisticated and beguiling blend that creates in the mind's eye...images of rich, luxurious berries growing amidst the sprawling greens of an enchanting Victorian garden. A certain favorite amongst staff!

Absolutely Peach
The only peach we've ever found that remains devoted to its namesake. A wonderful re-creation of the simply succulent and perfectly peach...PEACH! A superbly luscious and naturally sweet nectar, ripened to perfection. Although often considered a summer scent, Absolutely Peach has proven itself a perennial favorite.

Antiquity Rose
While all are incredibly unique...not one of our Rose fragrances is even remotely pretentious. Therefore...if you love the fragrance of roses but fear yet another clearly inexpensive body lotion, perfume or soap like scent...Westridge proudly comes to the rescue.
A magnificently genuine garden market rose that in all its an undeniable presentation of Mother Nature in all her glory. Whether cultivated in society or left to flourish in a more natural habitat...the rose is as intricate as it is uncomplicated. Used in ancient times...roses...often employed in bathhouses...were recognized for their luxuriously rich quality and it is said that when first attempting to seduce Mark Antony...Cleopatra scattered a carpet of rose petals about her bed. Considered the epitome of femininity...few men lack appreciation for this time honored fragrance and it any wonder as no matter what the variety...roses are probably the most alluring...the most seductive and the most romantic of all florals.

Applejack & Peel
An utterly brilliant recreation presented first by Claire Burke. A very expensive flawless that even the most seasoned candle maker can't distinguish between the original and the copy. An intensely rich and heartwarming blend of baked autumn apple and orange peel enhanced with countless warm spices including nutmeg, clove and cinnamon. With its fabulous drydown of silky smooth vanilla...this exquisite fragrance is definitely at the top of my list.

Aspen Pine
Long before uncovering this gem, we tried and tested more pine fragrances than I care to remember. After several attempts, it became abundantly clear that finding a superior pine (one that wouldn't promote heart attacks a/o brain damage due to its strength) would prove to be one of our greatest challenges. Then...low and behold...just as we were about to give up, we stumbled across this extraordinary version of the ever so popular classic pine. A very natural, wintry, pine forest fragrance.

Baron of Bayberry
Also known as Candleberry due to its wax covered, berry like fruit. Colonial legend asserts that those who burn bayberry candles will be showered in wealth and good luck. For the superstitious soul, the tree, planted next to one's home is said to bring prosperity to all who dwell within. With a devoted year round following, the scent, nonetheless is more often associated with Christmas. A highly regarded, time honored fragrance that on its own creates an invigorating spicy green and rather feisty presence.

Black Currant
In Europe, Black Currant is as popular a beverage as are Cranberry beverages in North America. A tangy-sweet and very sophisticated single-note berry that is used to manufacture a number of high quality perfumes such as Amazone and Jardins de Bagatelle. If you're a berry lover, it is extremely unlikely that you'll lack any appreciation for the bold uniqueness of the extremely refined Black Currant.
Blueberry Ruffle
Blueberry scents are tough in that oftentimes they lack any similarity to the real thing. In fact...when we received this sample...we were laying bets that upon removing the lid...we'd once again experience the urge to close up shop and go instead into the candy making business. To our downright disbelief, when releasing the cap, we immediately detected the sweet, fresh scent of blueberries...REAL BLUEBERRIES!
Cafe` Espresso
Robust...robust...ROBUST! Made with the finest, the darkest, the richest coffee beans. Sounding a little like a commercial or maybe you suddenly find yourself visualizing sombreros and Juan Valdez, the worlds most beloved and forever missed coffee connoisseur? If so...that's precisely what we're hoping for. A hands down champion when it comes to deep, dark, rich, full-bodied coffee aromas. An utterly superb java that will remind you of none other than the world famous Star Bucks Coffee Café.
Cranberry Chutney
Spring, summer, winter or fall, this all time favorite is bursting with fragrance. An ideal marriage!  Freshly harvested cranberries richly enhanced with a splendid mixture of spices including, to name just a few, cloves, cardamom, ginger and nutmeg. The base suggests a hint of deep, dark and slightly sweetened plum. The final result? If all unions were this good, divorce lawyers would be pounding the pavement looking for employment. 
Cranberry - White
No spice, no dice! Just a cool, crisp, clean and very appealing cranberry. Although by no means overly so, this Cranberry is sweeter than it is tangy. A very delightful, rather wispy cranberry with a graceful base that alludes to the addition of delicate, spring florals. Designed for those who prefer a more subtle presentation. A nice unisex fragrance that also includes a touch of dewberry.

Evening In Paris
An alluring and captivating romantic fragrance that for many is a reminder of the designer perfume, Anais` Anais`. For "many" not ALL! Either way...this is an intoxicating, elegant and exceptionally sophisticated feminine fragrance. 

Although spicy is generally not a word we associate with florals, some describe a subtle spiciness in this highly fragrant summer flower. Frequently used in brides bouquets due to its wonderfully romantic and whimsical overtures.
French Cream
A definite favorite amongst those with a more discriminating palate. This richly fragrant gourmet scent, even before lighting, will have you convinced that it's a serious threat to your figure. A grand fusion of sweet sophisticated aromas that, without revealing our secret, includes top notes of sweet vanilla essence, buttery French vanilla, and luscious Irish cream. An utterly delectable unisex scent sensation.

Frosted Juniper Berries
Glistening frost lends a cool, crispness to the Canadian Juniper Berry, a fabulously refreshing green fragrance with subtle floral notes. A lively, vibrant and dynamic unisex duo that is quickly gaining popularity amongst those who love the clean, brisk scent of those frosty autumn mornings.

As in Clooney! :o) Okay...I'll be the first to admit that I haven't a CLUE what George Clooney wears or for that matter...what he DOESN'T wear. The that in my eyes...he's the perfect specimen of a man and given the chance...I'd take him in anything or better NOTHING AT ALL!  Launched by the design house of Guy Laroche in 1982, DRAKKAR NOIR is categorized as a sharp, sophisticated and distinctly masculine blend of lavender, citrus, spiced berries, amber and sandalwood thus creating a wonderfully bold fragrance that is enjoyed (although for very different reasons) by men and women alike!
Grapefruit Vanilla
A thoroughly refreshing and uplifting fragrance from our Citrus Collection. Enjoyed by both men and women, the delightfully vibrant and tangy-sweet scent of the grapefruit is bursting with personality. Although added to the mix, few seem able to detect the vanilla thats inclusion was intended not to add fragrance but to instead create a hint of subtleness to this otherwise bold and vivacious fruit. A beautifully ripened ruby-red presented at its peak of perfection.

Hazelnut Cappuccino
A richly fragrant cappuccino into which we've blended our superb hazelnut oil. For that finishing touch, a drizzling of vanilla essence. Another exceptionally delectable, especially trendy gourmet fragrance. Smooth, creamy and superbly rich.

Hazelnut Velvet
My, my, my! When it comes to gourmet fragrances, Hazelnut Velvet has certainly earned it's high standing. The perfect intermingling of sweetened vanilla essence with oils from the delectable hazelnut. The dry down incorprates the rich aromas of fresh, farmhouse cream and buttery french vanilla.

An arresting evergreen that grows wild in the wintry woodlands of England. With its glossy leaves and clusters of brilliant crimson berries, for many, holly is closely connected to Christmas and all of its glorious festivities. A semi-sweet berry fragrance laced with spicy clove and whispers of cinnamon.  Splendid with Woodsmoke, another of our enticingly warm unisex fragrances.

Hyacinth & Heather
With summer comes one of our greatest joys, the annual blooming of flowers. The endless array of color and aromas are used to decorate, adorn and enhance every imaginable corner of our lives. To the world of botany (and now candles) Hyacinth and Heather are what Hepburn and Tracy are to the Silver Screen...a classically elegant, romantic and very spirited pair. 

Island Gardenia
Although entirely unrelated, Gardenia, in some areas of the world is referred to as Cape Jasmine. This heavily fragrant floral with its ostentatious blossoms is anything but modest in either appearance or aroma. A scent that is difficult to describe, initially Gardenia releases a boastfully audacious and very bold fragrance. Upon closer examination, one can't help but detect a subtle background that suggests a softer, gentler side to this tropical beauty.

Jasmine Moroccan
Native to Egypt. Required to produce only a few drops of oil are a vast number of blossoms gathered at night, when the flowers are most fragrant. A truly sensual, truly exquisite aroma. Reputedly an aphrodisiac, Jasmine is said to impart a sense of bold confidence and self-assurance. Go Tarzan! 
NOT to be confused with "Kiwi", the flightless bird that is native to New Zealand. Poor thing! Traced back to China, kiwifruit was once referred to as the Chinese Gooseberry although today, most kiwifruit is imported from New Zealand. A wonderfully succulent, tangy-sweet flavor that's vivacious and refreshing scent has been captured in a candle. A unique yet superb summery, unisex fragrance this is undoubtedly the best kiwifruit we have ever found.
Key Lime on Ice
An invigorating and tantalizing cool blend of tangy-sweet kiwi and bittersweet lime. Joined together to create an exciting and distinctly bold fruit based citrus scent. Very chic, very summery, very unisex. Note: Does not include ice ;o)

Lavender Sachet
Lets face it, for many; Lavender's day in the limelight is over. Sadly, in spite of its therapeutic qualities, most, when hearing the word Lavender, think of the days when Great Aunt Mildred marinated herself in the stuff. My sincere apologies Aunt Milly and if it's any truly are my favorite aunt. With that said, clients may rest assured that even with the changing times, Lavender, like an old friend, will forever remain a part of our family. And if you happen to LOVE Lavender, than THIS is undoubtedly the finest you will ever find. A wonderfully traditional fragrance that boasts a gentle, relaxing and even seductive presence. Personally, my nightstand would never be without! :o)

Lilac in Bloom
A completely under-rated fragrance for which far too little credit is given. A member of the Olive family, there are 23 species under the botanical name, Syringa. The best, the most captivating lilac we have ever gotten our hands on. In fact, if we may be so bold, this is undoubtedly the Queen of all Lilacs. A divinely enchanting scent that is a sincere reminder of the wonderfully delicate and fragrant florets that, when in bloom, capture the attention of every passerby. 
Lily of The Valley
One of England's best loved wild flowers, Lily of the Valley, although a native of Europe is also widely distributed throughout North America and Northern Asia. Familiar to everyone, this petite flower is truly exquisite. With its nodding, bell shaped, white blossoms, legend says that the fragrance of Lily of the Valley draws the nightingale from hedge and bush, and leads him to choose his mate in the recesses of the glade. An uncomplicated, charming, gentle and romantic spring floral.

Lime Sorbet 
A  small tree that is crooked and prickly a rule...reaches a height of only eight feet. The flowers are small and white and the fruit...when full about half the size of a lemon.  In Jamaica...lime trees often serve to protect homes, fields and crops and are frequently planted as fences.  This aroma is distinctly bold with all the characteristics you would expect when cutting into a freshly picked lime. A fabulous bittersweet unisex scent.

Midnight Lexis
No candle collection is complete without its line of distinctly masculine fragrances and Midnight Lexis is undoubtedly on the fast track to masculinity. A bold and intoxicating men's cologne that left the ladies of Westridge swooning. A very fashionable, upscale fragrance that no nightstand, no MAN, should be without.

An invigorating, wintry green, outdoorsy fragrance.  Typically a Thanksgiving/Christmas type scent unless you happen to like invigorating, wintry green, outdoorsy type fragrances year round.

November's Frost
An incredibly invigorating, cool fragrance that  promotes thoughts of those brisk early mornings in late autumn. A refreshing even stimulating scent that leans more towards masculine then it does feminine.

Formerly "Caribou Cactus". After considerable debate we finally agreed that it was time to adopt a new name for this ever-so popular and wonderfully extra-ordinary fragrance. Created first by mother nature, this inspiring amalgamation not only envelops the fresh scent of water but it also includes in its array...every exquisite herb, green and floral known to man! Indisputably unique, we've not discovered anything that bears even the slightest resemblance to this truly dynamic 

Raspberry Freesia
Fast becoming all the rage in scented candles and is it any wonder! The blending of berries with florals.  Westridge's Raspberry Freesia was developed after a weekend visit to a romantic country inn that's powder room was filled with an assortment of body lotions, soaps and shampoos bearing the same name. Freesia, an enchanting and inspirational floral brings a subtle gentleness to its more spirited, lively and somewhat keen partner, Raspberry. An extraordinary example of the pleasure that can be derived when combining berries with florals.

Raspberry Ruffle
NOT a fragrance to be overlooked by any Berry Lover. Outstanding! Spectacular! Extraordinary! Magnificent! Boasting the true essence of rich, sun-ripened, deep crimson raspberries - sweet, delectable and luscious - a hands-down winner straight across the board. An exceptionally romantic berry that year after year has proven to be a best seller.

As is often the case with Sandalwood...there is nothing even remotely artificial about this gem. Another example of a timeless fragrance...Indonesian sandalwood accented by patchouli, cedar wood and amyris.  This ancient aroma has been used as both a perfume and a temple scent for over 4,000 years.  A sweet, buttery and very wood-like unisex fragrance.
Satin Lavender aka French Lavender
Top notes of  lavender lead to a wonderful midsection of gentle vanilla essence. This unique presentation was specifically designed for lavender lovers who are looking for something a little less traditional. Rich notes of vanilla create an impression of warmth making this another remarkably calming, soothing and comforting fragrance.

Showers of Spring
It's hats off to the creators of this one for it truly is Spring Rain...first in a bottle then in a candle. As complex as it is uncomplicated. A gentle, calming reminder that comes with the awakening of spring...when summer sits patiently waiting just on the horizon. A fresh, watery and ever-so slightly green unisex blend.

Southern Magnolia
The mere mention of Magnolias and almost immediately we conjure up images of the Old South when once upon a time...Rhett took his ever-so fiery Scarlet and whisked her up the broad staircase to well...well we all know where. (OH! The days when our imaginations could take us anywhere).  A poised and beautifully striking spring floral with a fragrance to match. Seductive, sultry and mysteriously gentle...the epitome of feminine.

Strawberry Ruffle
As sweet and delectable as the perfectly sun-ripened berry itself. A luscious gem that signals the onset of those warm and long awaited summer days. Another fabulous berry, wrapped in our ever-so delicate yet temptingly rich and never to be revealed Westridge Ruffle. Another must have for berry enthusiasts.

Sugar Plum
With a debate that's raged on for centuries, there are those who believe that the Chinese were the first to start cultivating plums. Others, however, continue to insist that this delectable fruit originated in the Caucasus Mountains, a region that separates Asia from Europe. Wherever credit is due, wild plums have long since spread far and wide and are now found in multitude not only along the roadsides of North America but in Europe, one can readily find large quantities of cherry plums almost anywhere they roam.  So internationally popular is this fruit, that it has often been celebrated in writing – from Sugar Plum Fairies in the Nutcracker Ballet to Little Jack Horner playfully pulling plums from a pie, plums have enjoyed a reputation for being far more than just a good food.  Another wonderful example? The expression "Plum Good!", a once commonly used term to describe something of superior quality!  With all this popularity, it's not surprising to find a myriad of plum scented products and without a doubt, this fruity blend of plums combined with many other gems never to be revealed, suggests the time to celebrate has arrived!
Summer Mist
A gentle and balmy type fragrance that joins together the clean, fresh aroma of a summer sun shower with oils from the ever so delicate Lily of the Valley and the always magnetic Rainforest. A soothing and calming union that no collection should be without. Although Summer Mist lends itself more to those of us who are of the female persuasion, I've yet to meet a man who lacked enthusiasm for the wonderfully gentle fragrance this candle emits.

Sweet Pea on the Vine
Introduced into England over 300 years ago. The nickname sweet pea is believed to have first been used by the poet Keats (1795-1821). Native to Southern Europe, upon its introduction to horticulture, Sweet Pea, esteemed for its highly fragrant flowers, immediately became widely cultivated. A grand and breathtaking fragrance that in its natural form boasts a wide array of color, EXCEPT yellow. Interestingly, in 1915, after years of cross breeding, horticulturalists surrendered any notion that a yellow sweet pea could ever be developed. Today, attempts are again being made to create a yellow sweet pea. A charming and romantic summer floral with a fragrance that is as fascinating, as dynamic as is it's history.
NOTE: It is said that fresh flowers in the house improve general well-being, boost both male and female libido and lessen the effects of a hangover. Do sweet pea candles promote similar therapeutic effects? You tell us!

Tahitian Vanilla
Adding to its complexity, vanilla is as pure and wholesome as it is sexy and erotic. A common ingredient used in everything from the finest culinary delights to gorgeous floral bouquets, from mysterious Oriental perfumes to more contemporary body care products and colognes. A very versatile, very persuasive scent that is rich, exotic, sensual, confident, relaxing and calming. And from where does this precious and timeless jewel originate...why Mother Nature of course...where else?

Vineyards of Leamington
An intensely rich, deep burgundy wine. Without a doubt, this indisputably sophisticated fragrance was developed for those with discerning tastes. Amidst the plush, full-bodied maroon grapes, rich dark plum imparts a subtle undertone of sweetness. A truly splendid "wine and dine by candlelight" unisex fragrance from the Westridge Collection.

Westridge Roses and Tea
Although only a can hardly fail to notice the ever-so subtle and gentle background of English tea. Joined with the eternally gracious and forever timeless rose, this is a refined, classical, elegant, and extremely traditional fragrance.

Whispering Juniper
Juniper's claim to fame is its calming influence on the emotions and its cleansing effect on the body. Used in a myriad of masculine aftershaves and colognes, it is said that essential oils from the Juniper Berry help to strengthen the immune system. This wonderfully clean, very green, outdoorsy fragrance bears a mildly penetrating, wood-like scent making it one of our best sellers.

Woodlands of England
Not to be confused with pine. Woodlands of England, although anything but delicate, presents itself in a far more graceful, far less bold manner than pine. An incredibly uplifting, invigorating and cool forest fragrance that ranks very high on our list our outdoorsy, woodsy and wood-like fragrances. A fabulous wintry unisex scent yet with many year round followers, particularly those whose favorite seasons are indeed autumn and winter.

Exceptional with a capital E. Will leave you anxiously awaiting the return of those brisk late autumn evenings. A glorious reminder of strolling the crescent in your favorite, three sizes too large cable knit sweater when from every chimney there escapes that warm and cozy aroma of those wood burning fires roaring in every hearth. An outstanding, hard to find, outdoorsy, woodsy and wood-like unisex fragrance.

Wynter's Rose
For those who appreciate the outstanding quality of the highly sophisticated and record expensive "Rose Absolute"...this fragrance was designed to impress even the most exacting of all critics.  A wonderfully fresh floral middle of precious Bulgarian Damask Rose, Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Jasmine and Lavender essential oils. Fresh green top notes with a spectacular drydown that embraces an ever-so delicate hint of Heliotrope. All creating a strikingly elegant rose with an utterly spell bounding and seductive effect. 

Extended Line - December 2006

Bay Rum
This highly sophisticated men's fragrance has been a top seller for our supplier
since 1997.  Includes light, citrus top notes with a mid-section of geranium and jasmine.  Cedarwood, patchouli and a hint of musk create a very sexy and provocative base.
Having found that many blackberry scents were artificial, too sweet and even overbearing, only recently did we stumble across this juicy, not too sweet and very realistic wild blackberry.  A definite favorite amongst staff and not a fragrance to be overlooked by any berry lover.  Many thanks to our supplier for including a sample - undoubtedly the best Blackberry we've encountered!  Strong, fresh and true best describe this wonderful scent. 
A highly fragrant and very pretty floral scent that lasts and lasts. 
French Vanilla Satin
Although similar to...this Vanilla suggests a slightly "smoother" texture and is somewhat "sweeter" than our "French Vanilla".  A superb, rich, buttery fragrance.
Lemon Chiffon
A fabulous blend of lemon and vanilla. If you appreciate citrus scents but prefer those from which the "edge" has been removed...this is a wonderfully fragrant yet, comparatively speaking, subtle lemon scent.   If you're a fan of Yankee's "Lemon Chiffon"...we dare to say that you'll like this one even more!
Japanese Cherry Blossom
Description Coming Soon.
Moonlit Sunflowers
Both elegant and sophisticated...this latest addition to our floral collection is worthy of a standing ovation.
Nantucket Briar
Warm, intense fragrance first inspired by Crabtree and Evelyn.  A very elegant, somewhat spicy oriental fragrance with green top notes of bergamot and a bottom of clove, amber and vanilla.  Since it's introduction this has proven to be a best seller for both C&E and Westridge Candles.
Oatmeal Milk & Honey
Another superb gourmet blend that smells as good as the ingredients
after which it was named.  This is not a fragrance to be overlooked by
lovers of quality gourmet scents.  Another top seller for our supplier from the moment it was introduced to their collection. 
Oatmeal Cream & White Spices
An outstanding gourmet fragrance that lasts and lasts.  Top notes of warm oatmeal coddled in rich country cream lead to a tantilizing mid-section of buttery french vanilla, brown sugar and candied pecans. A wealth of country spices creates a "lift" that will linger in the air for hours.  A fabulously traditional scent with an impressive throw whether hot or cold.  An INSTANT hands down favorite that will have you searching for a version that is actually edible!
Orange Blossom
The sweet, irresistable aroma of a Florida Orange Grove.  Not the oranges themselves but the lovely fragrant flowers that grow on the trees.
Oriental Kiwi
Beyond sophisticated!  Fresh tropical fruits, West Indian lime and mandarin oranges create the incredibly fresh top notes of this outstanding fragrance.  Although extremely gentle, apple blossom accents middle notes of dark, sweet plum and jasmine.  A base of soft, subtle musk leaves the impression of an extremely high end, mysterious and complex fragrance. 
Raspberry Rhapsody
Like blueberry...raspberry is yet another scent that frequently leaves one wondering what the creator's were thinking of.  This is a true blue (well crimson red actually) raspberry.  If you've had the pleasure of picking raspberries found in the wild...this fragrance is sure to be an instant reminder of that lovely, sweet scent that you can hardly wait to sink your teeth into.
O U T S T A N D I N G ! all the fragrances from our Rose Collection...this creation clearly suggests a standard of excellence that is beyond compare.  A complex blend of Bulgarian Damask Rose and Fresh Summer Berries that offers both simplicity and elegance to the always sophisticated Rose. 
Sweet vanilla essence - gentle...the least potent of all our vanilla scents.  An excellent choice for those who want only a hint of fragrance.
Extended Line - December 2007
Blueberry Muffin
When naming this fragrance, it was difficult to decide whether "Muffin" or "Cobbler" best described this fabulous scent with it's utterly delectable bakery notes.  Whether it's the rich, creamy butter, the warm aroma of vanilla, those fresh wild blueberries or even that irresistible crumb topping with hints of brown sugar, this gourmet fragrance will have lovers of blueberries coming back for more.
Bottoms Up
Westridge's luxurious baby powder is absolutely unparalleled. A soft, silky, untainted fragrance reminiscent of innocence and purity. Bottoms Up belongs in every powder room, every linen closet and every dresser drawer across the globe. Okay! Maybe it's not for your Great Grandpappy or your Cousin Jethro but we have no doubt that you get the gist.
Butter Pecan Swirl
Butterscotch & Cream
Champaka – Incense Type
Cinnamon & Cedar
Citrus Celebration
Coconut & Lime
Country Garden Market
Egyptian Musk
Eucalyptus (Yankee Duplicate)
Exotic Garden
Floral Boutique
French Vanilla
Freshly Picked Apples
Ginger Lily
Ginger Papaya
Grape Kiss (Candy type fragrance)
Hawaiian Plumeria
Lemon Blossom
Licorice – Black
Mango & Coconut
Maple Cream
Midnight Lily
Minor's Bay (Masculin)
Mountain Laurel
Mulled Wine
Northern Blueberry
Northern Pines
Olive Blossom
Orange Blossom
October Rain
Pantry Spices
Parisian Cafe
Peach Blossom
Pear & Vanilla Essence
Pomegranate & Blueberry
Pomegranate & Raspberry
Pumpkin Patch
Raspberry Rhapsody
Red Currant – Votivo Duplicate
Secret Garden (RFS)
Southern Butter Pecan
Starfruit & Citrus
Sugar Cookie
Stargazer Lily
Sun Ripened Raspberry – B&BW Duplicate
Sweet Potato Pecan Pie
Tropical Pearadise
Vanilla Bean & Macadamia
Vanilla Essence
Vanilla Lace – Duplicate
Warm Apple Pie

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