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Westridge Candles

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The Westridge Candle Company
Premium Retail and Wholesale Scented Candles
Produced With The Industry's Finest Oils

Terms and Conditions
In accordance with the Terms and Conditions set forth by CCNow, our Authorized Online Retailer, the prices listed throughout our site are quoted in U.S currency. 
Multiple Currency Option
In our continuing effort to improve your buying experience, when connecting to our shopping cart, pricing displays can immediately be converted and transactions completed in your choice of currency by simply selecting your 'Preferred Currency' at the top of the order form. 
Payment Options
Secure Online Ordering via CCNow, our Authorized Online Retailer.
American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Diner's Club, Discover, JCB,
Alternative Payment Options  - Includes 5% Discount Up To $25.00 Off
PayPal, E-mail Money Transfer via Online Banking, Certified Check, Money Order, Personal or Company Check.  For details and pricing, please contact customer service.
United States, Canada, European Union.
For shipping outside these regions, please contact customer service.
In accordance with the North American Free Trade Agreement, additional taxes, duties a/o brokerage fees do not apply to any products a/o merchandise shipped within North America.
Processing Time
Orders are generally processed within 24-72 hours.  Slight delays may result during our busy seasons, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mother's Day.
Westridge Candles accepts no responsibility for amounts payable to transport goods, products a/o merchandise between our warehouse and their final destination.  Unless otherwise stated, shipping costs are considered the sole responsibility of the buyer.  In the event of an over-payment, client will receive an immediate refund for the difference between the amount paid and the actual cost of shipping and handling.  In the unlikely event that the final shipping charge exceeds the amount calculated by the shopping cart, client will be notified via email and asked to authorize any additional shipping fee.  Should the client prefer to not incur any additional costs or should we not receive a response within one business day, weight of package will be reduced to fairly reflect the actual cost to ship and a refund will be issued for any products that are removed. 
Time to Ship
The overwhelming majority of packages are shipped with $100.00 insurance via Fed-Ex Ground Service and include a tracking number.  Clients may request upgraded shipping and additional insurance at their own expense.  Upon leaving our warehouse, estimated time to ship within North America generally ranges from 2-6 business days depending on destination.  Occasionally, smaller retail packages are shipped via postal ground service as it is more cost efficient to the client.
Shipments to the European Union
Due to the high cost of International shipping and in effort to better serve our overseas customers, a weight restriction of 44 pounds per individual package applies.  Due to excessive weight and volume, we do not recommend the following products for International Shipping; 19oz. Keepsake Containers; 12oz. Keepsake Containers and 10oz. Globes.  For questions regarding suitable alternatives, please feel free to contact us prior to placing an order. Minimum order requirement of $150.00 U.S. applies to Overseas Shipments.  Expected time of arrival once shipped, 6-10 days business days or 3-4 weeks depending on client's preferred method of shipping.
Westridge Candles does not offer dropshipping.
No minimum order requirement unless otherwise specified.

Minimum order requirement of $100.00 U.S. applies.  Wholesale orders that do not meet this requirement will not be processed.  Shipping fees are considered extra and are not included as part of the minimum order dollar amount.  If intended for online sales, website information is mandatory.  Tax I.D. Number is preferred but optional.
Wholesale - Private Label Option - Minimum Order Requirement $200.00 U.S.
Private labels are provided by simply inserting your company name in the customer comment box when checking out.  Westridge labels are included unless client specifies private label and provides name of company either when checking out or via email.  There is no extra charge when selecting the Private Label option although orders that fail to meet the $200.00 minimum order requirement for private label merchandise cannot be processed.
Wholesale - Custom Orders Accepted
To obtain a quote, please submit with your name and address, complete details including; required number of containers, container sizes and styles and a customer service representative will contact you within one business day.
Fragrance Selections
Occasionally, customers select fragrances that bear strikingly similar aromas.  In the event that there is little difference between any scent or scents selected by the client and in effort to prevent and protect the customer from 'apparent' duplications, Westridge Candles reserves the right to offer suitable top selling substitution(s).
Back Orders
We do not maintain a list of back orders.  In the event that a product or fragrance is unavailable, client will be notified via email and given the option to either accept a suitable substitution or request a refund for the item a/o fragrance that is not available.
Westridge Candles has discontinued publication of a printed catalog.  For the most up to date information on products and pricing, interested parties are referred to our Website.
Free Samples
Due to the volume of requests, we do not offer free samples.  If interested in testing the quality of our products, an Assorted Sample Pack is available for purchase.  For details, please refer to navigation bar at the left of each page and click on Sample Package.
Westridge Candles accepts no liability for any damage that may result during shipping.  Products that leave Westridge are packed with the utmost care to reduce, to the highest degree, any possible damage that may arise while in transit.  In the unlikely event that products are damaged, clients must report all details (including a photograph), to Westridge Candles within 3 business days so we may submit a claim to the carrier.  Clients are also strongly advised to issue a complaint with the local carrier. 
Westridge Candles accepts no liability for any loss or damage that may result from using our products.  Complete burning instructions are available on our Web Site and we implore all clients to read our directions before lighting our candles.  Please remember that while burning candles can be a very enjoyable experience, fire, in any form should always be respected!
All content whether written or pictorial is considered the property of Westridge Candles and cannot be duplicated, borrowed or reproduced without expressed written consent from Westridge Candles a/o an authorized representative thereof.  In our ongoing effort to maintain highly competitive pricing with a reliable, trustworthy and hand's on approach to business, 'Westridge Candles Online', is employee designed and maintained.  Please feel free to report any errors, discrepancies, comments a/o suggests to customer service.
Prices a/o labelling subject to change without notice.

By purchasing our products, customer acknowledges a full and complete understanding of our policies and thereby accepts and agrees to our terms and conditions as outlined above.

We are no longer operating under the name Westridge Candles.
If interested in our latest products and
online ordering, please contact customer service below.

- Contact Customer Service -

Standard label includes a decorative medallion and offers 
a more refined presentation than our former label. 
"One by One" Hang Tie labels available upon special request.
Availability - U.S.A., Canada, European Union.  In accordance with the Terms and Conditions set forth by CCNow, Authorized Online Retailer for The Westridge Candle Company, the prices listed throughout our site are quoted in U.S currency.  Once connected to our shopping cart, buyer has the option of converting pricing displays to reflect regional currencies.   NOTE:  SHOPPING CARTS ARE CURRENTLY DISABLED.
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Exquisite Recreations - Duplicate Fragrances Presented First By Yankee Candles
Extensive Selection of Wholesale Yankee Candle and Other Designer 'Type' Fragrances Available Upon Request.