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Westridge Candles

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Premium Retail and Wholesale Scented Candles
Produced With The Industry's Finest Oils
Enjoy Unsurpassed Savings!
Westridge I
One 22oz. Vintage Candle
One 12oz. Keepsake Candle
One -5oz. Keepsake Candle
Made Especially For You!
Individually handcrafted at the time of
ordering, this popular trio allows you
to bask in a wealth of fragrance at
an affordable cost.
12oz. Keepsake Candle pictured
directly below. 
To view our 22oz. Vintage Candle and our
5oz. Keepsake Candle, please refer to the
navigation bar located at the left of each page.

The Westridge Candle Company - Redefining Quality

Special - $39.95 U.S.
Regular Retail Value - $53.85 U.S.
Choice of THREE Fragrances.

Deluxe Wholesale Package

Westridge II
Seventy-Two 2oz. Votives
A Little Candle That Packs a Penetrating Punch!
We dare say that these little gems are
the best the market has to offer!  
Saturated with the industry's finest oils for rich,
lasting fragrance --- each 2oz. Votive delivers 
an approximate burn time of 15-20 hours 
while remaining completely soot free
when burning instructions
are observed.

Luxury retail and wholesale scented votives

Special - $71.28 U.S.
$0.99 Per Votive
Regular Retail Value - $128.88 U.S.
Choice of up to TWELVE Fragrances.
To achieve the highest quality burn, we highly
recommend snug fitting holders that
exceed the height of votives.

Capt'n Sparrow
Okay --- so maybe he's not the epitome of masculinity still, find me one
woman who can resist the flamboyant charms of that all too splashy
Capt'n Jack Sparrow or better yet...a man who wouldn't give his left
eyeball to spend a week or two cruising the high seas of the
Caribbean with a beautiful woman and I'll sink my ship.
Also referred to as “Bay Rum”, the market is riddled with so many
copies of this sensational men's scent, that selecting a
version for our collection was not an easy task.
After testing countless samples, we were thrilled when several years
ago, the perfumer sent us this outstanding blend.
With light citrus top notes sitting on a heart of geranium
and jasmine, a base of cedarwood, patchouli and deep sensual
musk make this a highly treasured fragrance even if a are NOT!

We are no longer operating under the name Westridge Candles.
If interested in our latest products and
online ordering, please contact customer service below.

- Contact Customer Service -

Standard label includes a decorative medallion and offers 
a more refined presentation than our former label. 
"One by One" Hang Tie labels available upon special request.
Availability - U.S.A., Canada, European Union.  In accordance with the Terms and Conditions set forth by CCNow, Authorized Online Retailer for The Westridge Candle Company, the prices listed throughout our site are quoted in U.S currency.  Once connected to our shopping cart, buyer has the option of converting pricing displays to reflect regional currencies.   NOTE:  SHOPPING CARTS ARE CURRENTLY DISABLED.
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Exquisite Recreations - Duplicate Fragrances Presented First By Yankee Candles
Extensive Selection of Wholesale Yankee Candle and Other Designer 'Type' Fragrances Available Upon Request.