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Westridge Candles

Premium Retail and Wholesale Scented Candles, Wholesale Votives, Honey Pot Candles, Peppermills

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- Wholesale Scented Candles -
Minimum Order Requirement - $100.00 U.S.
Applies Only To Wholesale
Includes New Label with Decorative Medallion.
Hang Tie Available By Special Request When Checking Out.
Premium Retail and Wholesale Scented Candles
Produced With The Industry's Finest Oils

Premium retail and wholesale scented candles.

19oz. Duo Wick Keepsake
Apothecary Candles
$93.00 U.S.

Choice of SIX Fragrances Per Each
Case of TWELVE Candles.

Special - $7.75 U.S. Per Candle
Regular Wholesale Cost Per Candle - $8.75 U.S.
Minimum Suggested Retail Value - $19.95 U.S.

Colonial Bayberry 
Also known as Candleberry due to its wax covered, berry like fruit.
Colonial legend asserts that those who burn Bayberry candles
will be showered in wealth and good luck and
for the superstitious soul, the tree, planted next to
one's home is said to bring prosperity to all who dwell within.
Often associated with Christmas, this scent, nonetheless,
has a year yound following particularly amongst those
who prefer fresh, outdoorsy type fragrances.
Whatever the season, this highly regarded, time honored
scent creates an invigorating, spicy green and rather
feisty presence with a drydown so gentle that it
removes that otherwise overbearing 'bite'
commonly detected in any product bearing it's name.
A wonderful unisex fragrance that's as lovely
indoors during the winter as it is when
wafting through the garden
during summer.

Aromatic Votives - Infused With Fragrance

We are no longer operating under the name Westridge Candles.
If interested in our latest products and
online ordering, please contact customer service below.

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Standard label includes a decorative medallion and offers 
a more refined presentation than our former label. 
"One by One" Hang Tie labels available upon special request.
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