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Luxury retail and wholesale scented candles

Where Fragrance Ignites With Passion
Proudly Owned and Operated
by Family Since
Premium Retail & Wholesale Scented
Candles Created for Specialty Gift Shops
and Finer Boutiques or
Your Own Personal Enjoyment
Understanding Fragrance Oils - Quality vs. Quantity 
Understanding the difference puts consumers of candles at a great advantage.
Potency is based not on the measurement of oil used in each application but rather the level or percentage of actual fragrance contained within the entire solution known as "Fragrance Oil".  Inevitably, when the entire solution contains less actual fragrance, larger measurements or maximum recommended measurements are oftentimes required to achieve highly aromatic products.
Similar to Eau de Toilette, Cologne and Perfume products, fragrance oils too contain varying levels of actual fragrance with pricing that reflects costly ingredients and complex manufacturing techniques vs. flat rate pricing based on inexpensive synthetic ingredients and simple formulas that offer low levels of actual fragrance regardless of the specific scent.
The same is also true of beverages that contain lower percentages of actual alcohol vs. those that contain higher percentages and in the same way that cologne contains less actual fragrance than perfume, it would be false to suggest that either substance has been 'cut' or 'diluted' when with greater accuracy, quality, notwithstanding other essential factors, (i.e., ingredients, manufacturing techniques), is a matter of percentages.
Leading consumers to believe that "triple scented candles" are indisputably more fragrant is a gross misrepresentation of facts with many candle manufacturers failing to mention that in order to garner the highest possible level of fragrance in their finished products, they are forced to meet the manufacturer's maximum recommendation hence, "triple scented candles".  As it is otherwise impossible to extract the actual fragrance from the entire solution, such an attempt would be no different then trying to extract from your favorite bottle of wine, nothing but the alcohol!  With the level of actual alcohol accounting for a portion of the recipe, once added, there is no method by which to remove only the alcohol that is now part of a blend that contains countless other ingredients all coming together to make liquor.  Fragrance oil is the same, with numerous ingredients (including actual fragrance), joined together to create a single product which is then sold as fragrance/oil --- 'fragrance' being the actual fragrance, 'oil' being all the other ingredients that are added to make "Fragrance Oil".
With levels or percentages of actual fragrance ranging from low, to moderate to high, the market is riddled with not only an array of questionable products but so much 'hype' that the average consumer doesn't know which way to turn when looking for high quality candles.
To further confuse consumers, none of this suggests that "triple scented candles" are of lesser OR higher quality only that buyers can consider themselves better informed once they understand the relevance of actual fragrance levels, quality ingredients and manufacturing techniques all of which create a dramatic difference in finished products.
Quality Fragrance Oils include costly ingredients that undergo eleborate manufacturing processes.  Additionally, these most intricate solutions frequently contain both natural and synthetic ingredients designed to enhance top, middle and bottom notes that remain true to their namesakes.  Furthermore, not only do these sophisticated oils perform better during the entire manufacturing process, offering peak levels of actual fragrance but so too does the finished product prove to be superior in quality!
In recognition of this profound difference and with excellence determined not by how much solution is added to the product (quantity), but rather how much actual fragrance is contained within the entire solution (quality), clients can rest assured that Westridge Candles are indeed Produced With the Industry's Finest Fragrance Oils.

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We are no longer operating under the name Westridge Candles.
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Standard label includes a decorative medallion and offers 
a more refined presentation than our former label. 
"One by One" Hang Tie labels available upon special request.
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